OptimInvest is currently offering a complete range of currency management solutions from pure alpha programmes to currency overlay services. All of our currency management solutions are fully scalable and can be customised to individual client needs and investment objectives.

While we believe that a diversified portfolio of investment strategies are best suited to deliver attractive and consistent return over the long-term, we provide both a standard as well as a flexible offering of both single and multi-strategy currency programs based on individual client requirements.

At the core of this product offering capability is our tool-box of proprietary research-based currency models seeking to identify directional as well as non-directional opportunities in FX markets over different time horizons.

Risk Management is an essential part of our process and is rigorously applied to each program, both in the portfolio construction phase via risk diversification and stop-loss rules as well as on the final program level. Program risk is constantly monitored via VaR measure and real-time P/L in order to allow us to dynamically adjust positions to reflect significant changes in market risk.

Because we allocate risk across a large number of potential currency pairs and by using a portfolio of models with different philosophies and objectives we are generally able to provide currency alpha with less draw down than most currency market indices.